Meet Detective Will Furey

will furey

Good Cop. Bad Cop. Filthy Cop.

Violet D’Allegra’s tormentor. 

I’d been a detective for ten years. I was a Good Cop. I followed every rule, expected those who worked for me to be ethical, smart. Honest.

And I worked so fucking hard to hide my darkest instincts. During my ten years on the force I’d behaved, even when witnesses threw themselves at me, when new widows begged me to fuck them, when the girlfriends of my squad-mates showed up at my door, half-naked and half-drunk—I always behaved.

Cops had power, a lot of it. Fuck, I craved that. But I took those desires elsewhere, away from the job.

Clubs, strangers from the internet. Short-term girlfriends who liked their coffee with a bit of kink and a lot of submission. Women who could handle a sexual appetite that sometimes shamed me.

Six weeks of Violet and the only thing I wanted to do with my power was abuse it. I broke basically every rule in the fifteen minutes I was in that alley with her.

I wished I had broken more.

(“Cuffed”: a quick-and-dirty novella, is out on the 17th! Check back for links to buy on Kindle Unlimited!)


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