Happy #TeaserTuesday…

Because prying eyes want to know, here’s a little blurb from the upcoming “Cuffed” (out on September 17th)

And then I saw him, really saw him. I was in an outdoor cafe in L.A., waiting for a guy who’d end up going nowhere. Will was maybe ten tables away from me, hiding behind a newspaper like they do in the movies. I had my sunglasses on and was pretending to read on my phone–but I was waiting for him to reveal his face.

At some point a waitress came over and asked for his order. The paper dropped and I immediately knew I was in trouble.

Detective Will Furey looked like the slightly fucked-up hero of my darkest fantasies. You know, the kind you don’t like to admit to having. He gave her his order like an order, and I watched her grow flustered. He had dark eyes, dark hair that looked slightly shaggy and overgrown. I imagined threading my fingers into it and pulling. He was wearing the white-button-up uniform of a detective, but his tie was undone, the first two buttons of his shirt open, exposing tan skin. His nose was strong, slightly crooked, and when his full lips grinned at the waitress she almost fainted.

Will looked nice, but secretly mean–I saw how hard he worked to hide his ragged edges. I wondered what it would feel like to place my palm against the scruff of his three-day stubble. I wondered what it would feel like rubbing against the sensitive skin of my inner thighs.

I wondered if he would bite.


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